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CRAVE Nutrition

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates

Did you know that your brain produces 16 million cells per minute?!? That's right, your brain is incredible! So incredible in fact, that down to the cellular level, every single organ in your body is 100% new within 7 years from today! You have control to a large extent of the new heart, lung, kidney, etc. you create! This is a huge deal considering the fact that 80% of Americans are dying of Chronic Disease such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, etc. All chronic disease is rooted in inflammation. 

So, what do we do about it? 

There's a lot we can do and it starts with what we're eating. We need to eat in a way that decreases inflammation. Real ingredients, full of flavor that create a cellular environment conducive to healing and not disease. 

Ok...I'm all for that ...but can't I focus on that AFTER I achieve my 6 pack abs? 

Why not both? Why not achieve the 6 pack abs, optimize your health and CRAVE what you eat? You can have it all! Besides, what are 6 pack abs worth if they come with a cancer diagnoses? 

Ok cool...I get that. So what kind of magic are you using to make that happen?

No magic...just a nice blend of science, culinary expertise and integrity. We use the real stuff. Have your grandparents ever told you that food just doesn't taste the way it used to? We take food back to the way it used to be...before chronic disease ran rampant on our loved ones. We source from farmers that farm with the same level of standards we have. They farm in a way that is so good for the animals, the environment, your health and of course, your taste buds. 

 We could gather the cheapest of ingredients, load them up with some health harmful additives, smack the word "healthy" on there and take your money...but we're just not that kind of people. These meals would likely have the "Macros" you're hoping to see but me completely Micro nutrient void.  Guys...this is what's truly important! Don't fall for the "Macro" sales word..ask about the micro nutrients (Vitamins * minerals). Did you know that the more you fill your plate with real food ( things you could hunt or gather) the more PERFECT the Macros are AND the more perfect the micros are. 

Why can one person eat Keto and diet them selves to a heart attack and another person do keto and seemingly not age, think super clear and keto their brain cancer away? Both are eating the same macro nutrient's the micros. We see time and time again people eating keto by getting a fast food burger and ditching the bun lose fat but find out they have an outrageous Cardiac Calcium score. 

Our meals are 45-55% High quality fat. This will force your body to get stringer at using fats. 

Won't I get fat if I eat fat? - That's what we've been told for 70 years now isn't it...

Look at what's happened to our rates of chronic disease the past 70 years. It's just not true. Will you grow a chicken wing if you eat a chicken wing? No. It just doesn't work like that. If you want to understand this more, follow our social media page and attend our next Nutrition Workshop asap!

General breakdown of our meals:

Active: For The Challenger.

~ 600 nutrient dense Calories of 35g protein, 40g Carb & 33g Fats

Lifestyle: For The Adventurer. 

 ~480 nutrient dense Calories of 28g Protein, 32g Carb & 28g Fats

Vitality: For The Thriver.                                                                                     

~360 nutrient dense Calories of 21g Protein, 23g Carb & 21g Fats 

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