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What we're about

Crave - Fuel for Life is exactly that...Fuel for your life not just to get by but to thrive! I've always had a passion for cooking but not always so healthy. In 2012 I made a decision to take control of my life. I jumped into the Paleo diet (gluten, soy & dairy free) head first & noticed some incredibly results in my body composition as well as my quality if sleep, skin, energy levels, you name it. However, I am a foodie at heart & new I had to be able to enjoy my old favorites to keep this sustainable. I took 1 recipe at a time tinkering with different ingredients. Most of the Crave versions of what I used to enjoy I now enjoy more.   I feel ready to chase my 5 year old around after rather than feeling bloated,etc. I recover faster from my workouts as well! I want you all to CRAVE what your body needs so you can thrive each day. Every Crave meal is loaded with great nutrition! 

Meats: Grass Fed Beef; Non-GMO Chicken; Locally Sourced Pork. Local sources: Ratchford Farms, Freckle Face Farms. 

Produce: as local as possible. Pesticide free. Non GMO. Local Sources: North Pulaski Farms. 

No Grains - it's inflammatory but yes you can still enjoy french toast, waffles, cookies, etc...just give it a try..I bet you don't miss the grain one bit!